16 June 2010

Telford Film Festival 2010

Last night I attended Telford's 2nd annual Film Festival at Oakengates Theatre. A pleasant evening with 14 short films shown including work from primary schoolers, college and university students and of course, my own film "Tap". The film seemed to be enjoyed by all and it was a great feeling to have my work shown to a large audience like this for the first time. All the filmmakers received a prize of chocolate and a £20 voucher. Hopefully the film will also do well elsewhere. Thankyou to Telford Culture Zone and Telford Film Festival :)


9 June 2010

"TAP" at Telford Film Festival

Well well. I've been posting and submitting the 'TAP' film around various sites and competitions and I've just received news that the Telford Film Festival has shortlisted the film into its 12 film showreel! Quite chuffed at that :) The event takes place at Oakengates Theatre (The Place) in Telford on Tuesday 15th June. Should be a good night! I'll let you know...