24 April 2012

CITV @ School

Here is the final result of my new CITV ident.

Business Card

Hopefully sending off for some business cards from moo.com tomorrow... can't wait to receive them and pass some out at the degree show in June.

22 April 2012

New CITV Ident

Began my second CITV ident this evening... got nearly half done and hoping to finish it off tomorrow, will post on my YouTube channel soon.

10 April 2012


I've always hated Easter. The closed shops, reduced public transport, etc. But this couple of weeks break has really helped me get ahead with my animation project. I'm now 40 seconds into the animation, and aiming to be at 1 minute 30 before I resume uni next week. The film also has the working title of 'Old Romantic' now... in reference to the elderly cupid character and the phrase. We'll see if that sticks.

Hopefully I'll be in a position where I can start putting up clips from the film and making some kind of teasers/trailers from next week.