3 June 2012

re:VIEW - School of Art & Design Degree Show 2012

On Friday 1st, the School of Art & Design at the University of Wolverhampton held a private viewing of their annual degree show. The evening was a great success and our department received some fantastic feedback. It was a great experience to have my work showcased in this way and I really enjoyed speaking with the industry and public who were in attendance. The show is open to the general public from Wednesday 6th - Saturday 9th June 2012. For more information visit click here.

Here are some photos of my exhibition space in progress and the CITV/professional practice exhibition space I organised.

22 May 2012

Degree Show Prep

Currently preparing for the University of Wolverhampton School of Art & Design's degree show... got some character posters printed today and I'm really happy with the result... I will post pictures of my exhibition space when it's complete.

I'm also currently enjoying organising my group's secondary exhibition space. In this room we'll be showcasing our CITV idents and other professional work we've undertaken throughout this academic year. I'll also be posting pictures of this exhibition space when it's completed.

11 May 2012

Animation Showreel 2012

Just thought I'd share my showreel with you all.

1 May 2012

Business Cards

I'm currently loving the business cards I received from moo.com today, would highly recommend them for their quality and speedy printing and delivery. Looking forward to getting rid of some of these at the degree show :)

24 April 2012

CITV @ School

Here is the final result of my new CITV ident.

Business Card

Hopefully sending off for some business cards from moo.com tomorrow... can't wait to receive them and pass some out at the degree show in June.

22 April 2012

New CITV Ident

Began my second CITV ident this evening... got nearly half done and hoping to finish it off tomorrow, will post on my YouTube channel soon.

10 April 2012


I've always hated Easter. The closed shops, reduced public transport, etc. But this couple of weeks break has really helped me get ahead with my animation project. I'm now 40 seconds into the animation, and aiming to be at 1 minute 30 before I resume uni next week. The film also has the working title of 'Old Romantic' now... in reference to the elderly cupid character and the phrase. We'll see if that sticks.

Hopefully I'll be in a position where I can start putting up clips from the film and making some kind of teasers/trailers from next week.

7 March 2012

CITV School Ident Animatic

A pretty much complete animatic for my new CITV ident, which I will be pitching this Friday.

A school boy's day is made more exciting when CITV brings some fun into the classroom.
A flash animated ident that exposes every child's desire for CITV to bring some colour to their school day.

1 March 2012

CITV Character Designs

Just thought I'd put up the designs and concepts for my new CITV ident as I did for the last. Having a production meeting with my tutor and classmates tomorrow and I'll have all this plus an animatic ready to pitch next week :)

27 February 2012

CITV Ident #2

Here's a peek at the main character of my next CITV ident. In the ident, CITV adds a bit of excitement to this boy's school day.

29 January 2012

The Final Push.

Firstly, a belated Happy New Year! Secondly, yes, it's the final push. The final semester of my animation course at the University of Wolverhampton. This next few months (hopefully!) see the completion of my first short film and the start of a good footing towards the industry.
I will begin animating within the next 2 weeks at the latest, and will keep this blog up to date with all my progress.
Once again, I will be making an animated ident for CITV. So I'll keep posting on that the same as before!