31 October 2011

FLIP International Animation Festival 2011

On Friday 28th October, I attended FLIP International Animation Festival. The festival is held annually at Wolverhampton's Light House Media Centre and this year offered a very exciting line up of guests and events!

After meeting up with friends, I headed for the Light House for the first event of the day, 'Open Shorts'. This event was a showcase of animated short films from various countries using differing styles, skills and techniques. 3 of these events were held during the day and it was a pleasure to see short animations shown and celebrated in this way.

The next event of the day was Bill Plympton's Masterclass. I've enjoyed Bill's work for a number of years so was very eager to hear what he had to say and see some of his drawings and films. He didn't disappoint and gave a very interesting talk and showed some of his most recent work including concept art and animatics. It was a pleasure hearing him describe his passion for his work and it was made obvious he meant it by how he was constantly drawing and doodling as he spoke!

The day at FLIP festival was a fantastic experience and I hope there's many more years of animation at the Light House to come!

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